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Bus Service

Discussion in 'Ben Lomond' started by KnowKnuts, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. KnowKnuts

    KnowKnuts First Runs

    Dec 3, 2016
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    Just wondering if anyone can make sense of how to get on Ben Lomond when there is snow around. Though i'd check the Ben Lomond Committee page, seems that only 1 service goes up there. We've ski'd a lot of places but never been to Tassie or Ben Lomond hard to get a handle on what to expect, varying info depending on what you read. Seems like your frowned upon for driving up, lots of forceful language regarding people who don't use the bus, I can see the road up is gazetted and not on any "don't drive" list at the car hire places. Is the service private or part of the National Park.
  2. Ben Lomond Brad

    Ben Lomond Brad Part of the Furniture

    Jun 24, 2002
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    Hi there. The shuttle service currently only runs from the edge of the national park to the ski village. There are no services from Launceston at all. It is currently run by Ben Lomond Snow Sports
    Most hire companies don't like cars going up, in case they need chains fitted-which are required to be carried if heading all the way to the billiard and not catching shuttle-and also because they have a gravel road issue in Tassie, so it's not just the Ben Lomond Road.
    There are no issues driving to the village, if you fit chains as required and follow the expectations. Unfortunately this is often not the case and many people bring themselves unstuck, causing delays for everyone, particularly on Jacobs Ladder which is predominantly one lane.
    Hope that helps