Camping near Perisher (Tips) / Hot Shower (Free or Paid)


Hard Yards
Aug 18, 2019
Sounds like a good business idea to build a shower/toilet only facility. Maybe built next to a laundromat. Charge $20 for 30 minutes use of an enclosed shower/toilet. Charge progressively higher $25/45 minutes, $30/1 hour etc. They can chuck in their dirty clothes in the laundromat while showering. After they're done, they would want to use the dryer to dry their clothes. They'll be bored waiting for their clothes to dry so maybe have a few selection of craft beers on tap. Open 24 hours and could be maintained by a one man shift who can do the cleaning and serving of beers. Might even be a way to automate the beer serving. Add a few vending machines with snacks and drinks and selection of laundry liquids for goretex, wool, etc
Ohhh.... an Onsen in Jindy
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