Question Canada 2020 Jan-Feb planning


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May 26, 2003
Is there a reason you are not doing back to cal at Sunshine?

My first thought is to allow enough time to get through the pass to Revie in daylight. Where ever you finish on the Friday you should be able to get to Revie in a day, we drive Revie to lake Louise comfortably. I hated driving at night so on the Friday after Sunshine I would try one of the cabins near lake Louise,
Back to cal? I thought weekends in Banff would be busy with weekend warriors so figured Saturday would be a good travel and sightseeing day. Plus I need to be at Calgary airport the following Friday night, so Sunshine is closest.

Thanks for the LL idea.


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Dec 27, 2008
Canning Vale, Perth
Planning of stage 2.

Arrive Calgary lunchtime 30/1 (Thurs). Have booked 1 night in Banff, plan to ski Sunshine 31/1 (Friday).

Thought Then off to Revie, stay somewhere along the way and spend Saturday sightseeing. Any thoughts of stopover points and places to see?

Ski Revie Sunday, Monday

Tuesday travel day stay somewhere near LL or back to Banff?

Ski LL Wednesday, Thursday back to Banff.

Ski Sunshine Friday then airport hotel for the night.

just make sure you have some flex.

We left Canmore heading for Revie and had to turn around at LL and got stuck in Banff for 2 more days with closed roads
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