Cat Skiing in Japan or what I've been up to the last 2 winters

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    (Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I've also posted it in the Japan section, please let me know which is appropriate)

    I've spent the last 2 winters guiding in a Cat skiing operation near Neaba, Niigata Japan.

    When I say guiding, I mean I turned up expecting to work along side other guides in an existing operation.

    BUT when I arrived I was presented with this (instructions not included)


    Which in the first season, I taught myself to drive an maintain the beast, surveyed the ski area that hadn't turned a lift in a decade and ended up with this


    I think we had 10 days worth of customers the first season. Starting from Scratch I think the boss was happy.

    In the autumn I returned gave the cat an overhaul, built a new cabin, better seats, heating etc.

    Season 2


    The cat skiing area is an abandoned side area of Naeba, about 2 hours out of Tokyo.

    We are 4km up an old access road, that keeps us very very quiet (less than 10 ski rando per year). While not as light as Hokkido we do get a lot of snow - last year was officially low tide, we got 12m in 2 months!

    Typical skiing


    and snowboarding


    I've thrown together a new website (should be at url and server screw ups at them moment) at

    Anyway if anyone's interested it's ¥35,000 (€275/£240) per person , minimum 3 people
    Group rate/Private cat is ¥140,00 (€1100/£995) max 10 people

    Avie gear and guiding is included, bring your own bento box for lunch ;)

    If there are any omissions or suggestions for the website please let me know, I'm not much of a keyboard warrior tks.

    Forum mods , if this is too much spam, please let me know and I'll tone it down
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