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Maintenance Dept
Mar 14, 1995
Clarence Town
The 'Forums' global nav link from homepage (and any page on the main domain) now links to a upgraded version of the old 'New Posts' page that ran for many years.


Because the format is less intimidating to first-timers and provides better discovery of forum content for non-regulars.

For regulars there is a nice phat 'Active Topics' button link both on (the new) homepage in the forums section and also immediately under the forums search on the new, new posts page.

Die-hard regulars really should bookmark Active Topics and/or created home screen icons direct to Active Topics on your mobile phone - however, the new mobile-phone-only homepage is a super fast, low fuss page with a 'Active Topics' link.

Lastly - with the new responsive layout we have also upgraded detection of Android tablets on homepage - so they should no longer get the mobile page switcheroo.
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