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Oct 4, 2016
I think they went above the T&C for the lockout (rather than lockdown) states. QLD, WA etc got credit for 2022 at P despite not being strictly eligible.
None of which was a product of loyalty….

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Jun 2, 2014
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This is the extent of CP's terms and conditions:

Lift Passes Important Information

Regardless of how you enjoy your snow sport, always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are inherent risks in all snow recreational activities that common sense, protective equipment and personal awareness can reduce.

These risks include rapid changes in the weather, visibility and surface conditions, as well as natural and artificial hazards such as rocks, trees, stumps, vehicles, lift towers, snow fences and snowmaking equipment.

For all prices a Child is 5-13 yrs and an Adult is 14 years and over (unless otherwise specified). All prices and services are subject to change at the absolute discretion of Charlotte Pass Snow Resort.
Once purchased there are no refunds or transfers

RISK WARNING – Recreational activities (including skiing and snowboarding) involve a significant risk of physical harm or personal injury including permanent disability and /or death to participants. Any such injury may result not only from your actions but from the action, omission or negligence of others.

The bit in bold is the extent of their refunds and cancellation policy. It would not stand up in a court of law. but for $2k, it is not worth taking them there, so instead I will just warn anyone considering dealing with them.
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