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Retail Offer Clearance Sale - huge online-only discounts at aussieskier

Discussion in 'Noticeboard' started by CarveMan, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. CarveMan

    CarveMan Pool Room Ski Pass: Gold

    May 12, 2000
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    Les Hautes Montagnes


    Well it's all a bit grim in Victoria hey! We've been doing OK this 'winter' thanks to our online-first business model but we're still a bit overstocked considering Vic is kaput and there's not much prospect of OS travel.

    So it's time to slash prices on all sorts of stuff, our loss, your gain! NSW skiers can get a deal and ski this upcoming dump, or the rest of Australia can take advantage of low prices for future seasons.

    Due to Covid ripping through Europe in March-June not much product development was done so a lot of stock will remain current for next year too.

    Some highlights:

    20% off ALL current model Boots!
    20% off current model Blizzard Skis - including Black Pearl 88s!
    20% off current model Nordica Skis - some tasty Enforcer packages!
    10% off selected Black Crows Packages
    20% off Patagonia
    20% off Giro
    20% off Anon
    10-20% off Dakine

    And lots lots more!

    Please note that our showroom remains closed in line with Covid Stage 4 restrictions and we aren't offering click & collect.

    Fast, Free shipping Australia wide. That said, even though we will get stuff out the door quickly I'd anticipate Post & Couriers slowing down a tad.