Cold & Dry June


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Aug 10, 1999
From Weatherzone

"Rainfall in June was below average across southern Australia due to the dominance of high pressure systems and a low number of cold fronts. Melbourne received just 8.6mm, it’s driest June since 1858. Adelaide received 11mm, it’s driest since 1967."

From the BOM Clicky

"The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Parliamentary Secretary with ministerial responsibility for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, said today that data from the Bureau confirmed that many parts of Australia recorded their driest and coldest temperatures for decades - and in the case of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, set new lows for rainfall and the coldest minimum.

"In terms of rainfall, the southwest of WA has been especially hard hit with most areas west of a line running from Carnarvon to Kalgoorlie, then to Perth and down to Albany having their driest June on record.

'The South West of Western Australia recorded its lowest monthly rainfall of 30mm which was the lowest in this part of Australia since the 2001 figure of 37.8mm. This trend was replicated right across Western Australia with the average rainfall for the state totalling 3.8mm - the previous lowest being 5.9mm in 1976.

"These very low June totals in the southwest followed a very dry autumn for southern Australia. April to June was the fourth driest on record, with only 1902, 1976 and 1972 being drier.

"Strong high pressure systems have dominated the weather patterns across Australia for two months, with the associated cold and dry air, light winds and clear skies producing widespread frosts, especially during June.

"Over the southern half of the country, the April to June period was the coldest on record (since 1950) for overnight temperatures, while the month of June was the second coldest.

Mr Hunt said Victoria also experienced some record low temperatures and rainfalls.

"Victoria suffered through its second lowest June temperatures since 1972with temperatures for this month -2.11° below the average. The town of Benalla recorded an all time extreme minimum temperature low of -4.5°C on 14 June, the previous lowest being -4.4°C in 1965.

"The rainfall figures across Victoria are the third lowest on record since 1900 and the lowest in the last 90 years. The average rainfall was only 22.0mm which is barely above the lowest figure ever recorded of 21.6mm in 1914.

"The Northern Territory also recorded its coldest nights since 1950 with the minimum temperature dropping 2.50° below average - the previous coolest occurred in 1977 when the temperature dropped -2.30° below the June average."
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Jul 12, 2000
There are two threads roughly the same on this topic so I will join them together.

From the other thread:

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posted 02-07-2006 08:50 AM

THE last time it was this dry in Melbourne, horses were kicking up dust on the dirt roads. It was the driest June in the city in 148 years. Only 8.6 millimetres of rain fell last month — just edging over the eight millimetres that fell in June 1858.

Rainfall for the state as a whole is close to the lowest since statewide averaged records began 106 years ago, says meteorologist Monica Long. Victoria had the third-lowest average rainfall for June — 22 millimetres — since 1901.

Not only has it been dry. Victoria had the coldest overnight temperatures for June since 1972. And Melbourne had its coolest overnight June average temperature (6.3 degrees) since 1982.

Melbourne's average maximum temperature for the month was 14.3 degrees compared with 16.23 last year....

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posted 02-07-2006 09:37 AM
Sure has. The herbs in my garden are not happy and i've been watering the lemon tree from the bath. I've seen solid frosts in Royal Park, rare now due to UHI effect. The smog has also been worse than most junes. Cool dry and calm is not unusual for june but this has been pretty intense. I thought friday-sat was going to be the break in the pattern, but it didnt really come off.
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