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Mar 3, 2014
I have almost all the gear I will even need and will be stopping my DIY in the near future.
I have quite a lot of LW and UL fabrics and some specialised medium weight and heavy duty fabrics to move on to a good home. A goodly amount of Thinsulate suitable for clothing, enough Lite-Loft to make 2 or 3 parkas and sufficient APEX to make 2 LW quilts or a decent sleeping bag or LW overbag.
Fastex buckles/ webbing etc

Probably 3 grands worth of gear here.
If interested get in touch for a bulk discount
Includes 5 metres of medium weight Ventile in the old 35 inch width now worth over $45 a metre posted, 5 ounce loom state japara, 35GSM EPIC and lots more
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