Eight Mile Creek/The Bluff


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Oct 20, 2004

I'm planning on doing The Bluff circuit this weekend, walking up Eight Mile Spur on the Saturday and returning via Sixteen Mile Spur and the Howqua River on the Sunday.

Can anyone tell me what the situation is like with regards to water at Bluff Hut? Is it available and does it need to be "purified"? We're looking at camping in the vicinity (ie. within 500 metres or so) of Bluff Hut on the Saturday night.
Alternatively, I've read somewhere before that there is good camping and reliable water closer to the top of the Bluff itself.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 16, 2005
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Bluff Hut water isn't terribly reliable in late summer, but it depends on recent rainfall. Get yourself a copy of the BushMaps (not VicMap) Watersheds of King, Howqua & Jamieson'. You will see that there ia a little 'W', 2km from Bluff Hut towards Mt Lovick. You can usually find water there IF you're prepared to scrub bash down the creek or do a bit of excavation and then wait for the mud to setttle. But that's worst case stuff, there is a good chance there will be water at the hut.

Bluff Waters campsite at grid 553 784 is very scenic in good weather and you usually don't have to scrub bash or dig for water.
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