Falls Creek day parking


One of Us
Apr 27, 2001
Tawonga, Australia.
Drove up to Falls Creek today, arriving at 11.30am and all the day parking was full, so I drove down again. What happens if you have purchased a day parking ticket?


Hard Yards
Feb 28, 2002
I do not believe that it is true that the roadside bays are only for overnight. My understanding is that they park the late day parking overflow along the road and shuttle up to the resort. By 11:30 the lifts have been open for 3 hours, it should not be a surprise if all the best parking spots have gone by then sometimes. At most US resorts you need to take a 15 to 20 min free shuttle ride from the large day car parks to the lifts. The difference is that those car parks are free. The ones you can walk from in the US you have to pay for at the big resorts. In Australia there are no free resort car parks.


One of Us
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Jan 15, 2015
The cost of your 'national park entry' includes parking, snow clearing, parking attendants and shuttle bus if required. There would have been someone around for parking directions, even if it was at the gate. (Howmans)

Always ask if your not sure.

ausi ski bum

A Local
Jan 1, 1970
Near Cootamundra NSW
Not to mention of course that they sold or gave away the day car park in order to build that St Falls/QT monstrosity a number of years ago. That helped the parking situation no end!
Yes that was a stupid move that lost parking and totally killed the Bowl which should have always been the centre of the town. There was a proposal years ago to build a free gondola from car park to the Bowl should have done that.

There has also never been any additional parking built there for years, 20 at least. I recall someone telling me that a builder offered to turn the lower carpark into a multi story under cover parking area for the resort at no cost as long as they could build new accommodation on top of this at no cost for the land. It was turned down.
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A Local
Aug 24, 2003
Resort mgt sees the future in terms of an alpine village. Slalom Plaza could have been one of its two centres but St Falls/QT robs it of views and to some extent sun. This is typical: private comes before public goods. Who wants to sit in the mountains staring at the backside of a block of flats in an area dominated by a lift.
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