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Advice needed First Freestyle-ski gear purchase

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by CrispierCrunch, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. CrispierCrunch

    CrispierCrunch First Runs

    Jan 5, 2020
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    Dear all,

    I have been skiing in Austria every year since the age of 4. Now that I turn 21 I am looking to step up my game a little and try some new stuff. So I have been looking to start with freestyle skiing. I have also decided to buy my own equipment since renting isn't necessary anymore due to no further growth.

    I am 185cm (6 feet and 0.8346 inches) tall, I weigh +- 78kg.

    I am looking for a proper beginner freestyle ski which I can learn tricks and make some progress with. What should I be looking for in a ski? And do I need poles? I know good boots should probably be spent the most on (should I getting more flexible ones though, with dampening in the sole?)

    I look forward for you guys' advice.

    Kind regards,

  2. Any

    Any One of Us Ski Pass: Silver

    Aug 23, 2015
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    Im no freestyle ski grabber, backcountry skier instead. I've blown both acl's, both meniscus and an mcl, that I think that puts me out of the park game. But after so much time on snow I guess I have some points I could make, with only minor contemptive undertones.

    I believe park skiers go for a soft boot like a full tilt to help absorb the landings.
    I think you want a medium stiff, twin tip (duh), near center mounted ski, that has enough stiffness in the tip and tail to push against if you land weird. I'm a fan of lighter skis for backcountry and trees, and I think that lightness will help with swing weight and agility in park also. Sick day or CT4 or something come to mind.
    A light binding like marker squire will probably not cope with hard landings/etc and may even break. Tyrolia alpine bindings dont have a great locking mechanism of the slide in my opinion, similar to rental bindings, so I don't think that would survive much abuse. Perhaps something more beefy like marker griffon, I see then alot. Also Look bindings have better lateral release I think? so they might be a preferred option also.
    Poles seem to be a personal choice, I see lots of people with and without poles. Tho usually they have shorter (kids?) poles that get less in the way in aerials, but sometimes are so short they look silly. The guys without poles seem to wave their hands about so much winding the windows down like a snowboarder that they look even more silly to me. I wonder if they break them frequently and they just dont have any poles left ;p

    Many people purposefully dull their edges so not to pick up burrs on rails/etc. It also wouldn't matter if you have a crappy base either, not like you need great glide for long groomer runs when in the park. This means you could probably find an old beat up pair of second hand skis and still have a great time on them. I've seen a video of Woodsy on a 20year old pair of salomon 1080's still kicking everyone's ass.
    Skis lose their stiffness over time tho (time days skied, not time in storage), so depending on how much abuse they've had they might not have any life left in them. Bindings also lose lifetime as the springs wear out, but you can just crank them up a little more.

    A forum like newschoolers might be more your cup of tea and a better resource.
    Im old and cranky and not cool, so I haven't tried to fit in there. They seem quite a clicky group tho.
    I expect that you've watched every SLVSH episode also.

    There are camps, mostly for kids but some also for adults, designed to teach you freestyle skills, with skills ranging from zero to pro. There might be season long every weekend style ones in your local ski area. Otherwise there are also week+ long camps that you can travel to and spend the whole time with pros getting taught the ropes (momentum, windells and woodward come to mind). If I was in Canada in spring I'd certainly do a momentum camp, they look real fun, maybe they could even teach me to become cool.
  3. skifree

    skifree A disciple of the blessed avi giraffe Moderator Ski Pass: Gold

    Jul 13, 1998
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    Middle Oz
    You want to go tele, you know you do.;)
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  4. parkmonkey

    parkmonkey Old n' Crusty Ski Pass: Gold

    May 20, 2005
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    On a wave or mountain face near you.
    Get the park ski’s you like the look of best within your budget, looking good, feeling good is confidence. I was skiing park and spinning helicopters as 3’s were called back then before twin tips were around(hot diggety i feel like grandpa simpson). If you are going to jib you are going to destroy your ski’s, so don’t spend to much and don’t be worried about them. I wouldn’t go longer than you are tall and only 10cm shorter maximum, probably something in the middle there
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  5. linked_recoveries

    linked_recoveries One of Us

    May 13, 2015
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    Sydney CBD