Forecasting accuracy.


One of Us
Sep 28, 2015
I made a comment in one of the event threads yesterday. It was obviously not the appropriate place.
I am being genuine here. I am not ‘trolling’. Check all my previous posts for form in that regard. My question in no way relates to climate change. (For the record I am a believer in man made climate change).
I am just an observer who is happy to learn more about weather systems etc. I enjoy looking at the models and hearing the forecasts and seeing if these forecasts are ultimately accurate. Obviously forecasting is inherently difficult.
I understand why we and all other nations need weather forecasting but I don’t know it is worth the considerable cost of running the Bureau if the forecasting is not consistently better than an even money guess. Could we better spend those (what I am guessing is) many millions on other things?

I haven’t thought about this in depth. I would be happy to be enlightened by others that have more knowledge around the subject.
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