Skis FS Black Crows Nocta Skis 178cm, 125mm wasit w/Plum Yak bindings and G3 skins


Hard Yards
Jul 30, 2016
Used for three months in India, regretful sale but I need more paragliding equipment!

Normal wear to ski bases, impact damage to one tip. Easily repaired by a decent ski tech.
Plum Yak bindings are extremely light and strong, truly the pinnacle of back country bindings, great condition.
G3 Alpinist climbing skins, 145mm wide, cut to Nocta's, in great condition.

Priced accordingly.


Length (cm): 178.1
Sidecut (mm): 146-125-140
Radius (m): 18

Manufacturer's Description

unsinkable - playful - lively

Developed by Julien Regnier, a pioneer in reverse camber technology, the nocta has made it’s mark in the freeride world and acquired an enviable reputation. Combining a generous sidecut with a dynamic flex, it offers great handling in any conditions. Designed for powder skiing, it can still hold it’s edge on hard snow thanks to an 18 metre turn radius. Both powder gun and a multipurpose ski, the nocta is a ski of the future.

Thanks to the double beak technology, the Nocta is both manoeuvrable and powerful. This performance is due to a long and progressive front rocker allowing it to be highly efficient in deep snow, a true classic camber in the centre and a more moderate tail rocker which gives it an excellent stability at high speed. Light and well-balanced, centre-mounted, this master of backcountry freestyle is also the perfect weapon for big jumps and switch drop-ins.

The 178 : Prefered by lighter riders and ladies, this ski corresponds with tradition ski lengths of between 160 and 170 cm.
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