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Accessories Giro Edit olive green helmet Go Pro Compatible size L

Discussion in 'Gear Swap' started by aceozski, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. aceozski

    aceozski Hard Yards

    Jun 11, 2009
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    Be ready for Winter! Wear a brain bucket (aka helmet)!

    It's not always you that's doing crazy tricks, it could be some skiier or boarder out of control that runs into you. Or it could be that you slip off the chair lift and the seat comes from behind and whacks you in the head. But you're ok. Coz you're wearing a Giro helmet!

    I have a brand new Giro Edit Helmet for sale. This is one of Giro's top of the line models.

    The helmet has never been used, but does have a mark or two on it from movement in the box. However I guarantee that when you use it, it will probably pick up more marks from some crazy skiier or snowboarder... Or you can just cover it with some stickers of the resorts you've been to and no one will know! ;D

    The helmet comes with the box.

    There are a ton of features with this helmet and it includes

    • Chips audio compatible earpads - put a set of chips in and play music, answer the phone and more! (chips sold separately)
    • 8 ventilation holes with variable adjustment to make sure you don't overheat
    • rear goggle strap so that your goggles stay with you
    • rear bike style adjustable strap to bring create a precise fit
    • go pro mount on front of helmet
    • internal padding to ensure comfort and fit during use
    • side carabiner hook so you can attach it to your jacket or backpack when not in use
    Size is Size L - head circumference 59-62.5cm If you're not sure, grab a tape measure, put it around your head, just few centimeters above your eyebrows and measure. This should be the widest point. If you fall between the above range, this helmet is right for you.

    I can post however I think it will be expensive.

    Pickup is available from Melbourne CBD or Westfield Doncaster. Victoria.

    Price $230.00 RRP $330 - save $100 off retail!




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