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Jan 15, 2015
Have been sniffing around at goggles lately, visiting a local retailer or two to check out Lens tech. Giro seem to have upped their game, jumping in to bed with Zeiss. One of the retailers I visited has both Giro and Oakley, and was keen to see them side by side.

+1 has some Smith goggs with Blue Sensor lenses, so I took them with me to the shop to size up the competition. First i tried the Giro Contact model, with Vivid Infrared lens, which are the specific low light lens. First impression was very good, contrasts were enhanced and good colour rendition.
Second the Oakley's, with Prizm Rose lens, clarity was good and equal to the Giro's, but colour change/tint a bit off putting. I then tried the Prizm Hi Pink?? Oakley lens, I found these better than the Prizm Rose, but still preferred the Giro's colour rendition.
The detail and contrast on the three i would say are equal, just the colours more natural with the Giro's. I also compared all the test gogg's against the Smith Blue Sensors, it would be a very close call but i thing the Giro's may have it with lens quality, contrast and colour.

I have an average size melon, and the Oakleys (several models) fit pretty well. I tried the Contact and Axis models from Giro. I don't know what they were thinking but these would really only fit a kids head, the radius of the foam is too small and 'squeezed' my temples, althought the overall size and shape of the frame is ok. Giro have lost a sale, based on this alone, althought the retailer only had these two models, Giro might make something a bit more 'open' to suit my head. It was a bit frustrating to see the lens tech is great but fit is poor. At $200 - $330 I will be conducting more research.

Can anyone suggest a Giro model with Vivid lense tech and a more open frame??
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