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Grollos accept Hilton-Wood offer

Discussion in 'Mt Buller' started by Buller Express, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Buller Express

    Buller Express First Runs

    Sep 25, 2018
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    Grollos accept Hilton-Wood offer

    Saturday 22 Sep 2018


    Chris Hilton-Wood, Son of John Hilton-Wood has been waiting years to take back the family business. Saturday under blue skies, stage one of his plan was successful when he bought back the Bourke Street Chair. Afterwards in private negotiations his offer for two more chairs was accepted. Later telling Buller Express, finally, he can make Buller lifts run like the old days. Dial the lifts up to 11, running at full speed, 2.2 fixed grip and 5 metres per second
    for the detachables. Starting earlier at 7 AM. The lifties will once again start two hours before they go to bed.
    Exciting news indeed

    Buller Express later found Chris in the Kooroora, with his long red hair fizziled, asking why the strong grip on the beer glass, Grip he answered, Grip, don't talk about the grips, the Grollos have played me, the chairs don't come with the grip. It's not a detachable chair without a grip, it's just a detatch, I need the 'able 'to pull off my plan. Buller Express, expressed concern, verbally, pardon the French I said, then Chris started ranting in French turning orange and blue in the face, all I picked up was something about the French ski school rules..... this ain't over...

    .... to be continued

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