Trip Report Hannels Spur - Geehi, Moiras, Kosciusko Summit to Thredbo

Boots or 2 Planks

First Runs
May 27, 2021
Friday 21st May 2021
Driving up from Melbourne on the B400 close to the Tintaldra turn off I get my first glimpse of snow
> Filled with excitement for what will almost certainly be the last opportunity to hike Hannels Spur in boots (without hardcore snow shoes and full snow camping gear)

> Waking up to the locals coming in for a "tch tch tch tch..." chat, Geehi camp out was subzero overnight.

The head of Hannels Spur trail is a little concealed and just ahead of the open grass flats from Dr Forbes Hut. (Best to use a GPS as the weathered timber post markers are a little sparse)

> Geehi camp ground to Dr Forbes Hut provided an awesome photographic opportunity as you cross the Swampy Plain River
> I chose to walk along the Geehi Horse Camp trail - just be careful to turn left at the crossway 1klm in, and head down to Swampy Plain River where you'll see where you need to cross to Dr Forbes Hut

Day One
Head of the trail to Moiras Flat
The steep ascent starts within about 50 metres and takes you on a constant climb up through the alpine shrubs and trees

> Plenty of opportunity to look back to whence you came and see the endless vista of mountain ranges towards the Victorian Alps direction
> Distance 10.5 km Elevation gain 1,195m Moving time 4:10:42 but my elapsed time was around seven hours. Great to be able to soak up this country and breath...:)

Day Two
Moiras Flat up to Byatts, across the valley around Wilkinsons Creek, up to connect with Muellers Pass and across ridge to join the intersect that is the last 900 metres to Kosciusko Summit - then boardwalk down to Thredbo Chairlift (last chair ride is 4:00pm, so plan as I did to spend an hour walking down the 'Village Trail' to the Thredbo Alpine Village Hotel bar :)

> Distance 20.01 km Elevation Gain 892m Moving time 6:35:43 although I planned for a 10+ hour leisurely day arriving into Thredbo around 7pm under lights
> I wanted to be at Kosciusko in late sundown - was sensational
> Watching the weather patterns like a hawk, I took advantage of an almost full moon and with knowledge that the boardwalk from summit was clear of snow, which made for a most magnificent moon lite stroll back to chairlift - and then needed head-torch for final descent along ski run Village Trail

Ordinarily I would have stayed another night somewhere on the Main Range, but as this was very late in the season and (despite the most magnificent sunny weather without a breath in the sky) But I planned to push on and stay in the creature comforts of the Thredbo Alpine Hotel

Photos below complete the story, but was so wonderful to be up in the Alps we all love hey :)


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Ubiquitous Steve

Part of the Furniture
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Feb 29, 2008
Well done....Hannels attracting much visitor interest which is what most of us expected once Track work was instigated and many walkers have passed through ...generating even further interest!

Ubiquitous Steve

Part of the Furniture
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Feb 29, 2008
The Button Man is having the last laugh!Things have never been so quiet up his way.
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