Have points, flights available, how can I reach Qantas?


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Jun 15, 2001

I spent literally 4 hrs and 15 minutes with a Qantas consultant today (not the hold time waiting to get to the consultant) to change a classic rewards flight from Munich to Vienna. Huge bonus of no longer requiring the -PCR for going through Qatar.
The gift that keeps on giving.
I'm truly at my wits end. I have the necessary points, there are available flights and I can't book them.

While the flights I changed to were showing in the Qantas app and online, I wasn't able to manage the booking because the flight hadn't been ticketed. So I rang yet again last night to ask what needs to be done to get them ticketed and was told that it would be expedited.

Today, the booking had disappeared from my profile. So when I rang (yet again) I was told that I've been issued a credit which means my points are tied up for eight weeks and can't be used for my preferred flights in early March. I explained that I don't want a credit, I simply want to book and ticket my wanted flights. The consultant went through from scratch what flights I wanted and told me she was just going to check availability I'll put you on hold for a mom...... and then i'm disconnected.

On ringing up (yet again), the message says the waiting time is two hours (and there is no option for a consultant to call back).

What effing point is there and having Qantas frequent flyer points. Does anyone know if Qantas ticketing or the Qantas domestic lounge in Brisbane can help with international bookings?


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Jul 9, 2007
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Jan 1, 2018
SE Melbourne
Managed to get some actual help from Qantas call center on Saturday

Been trying to use one of my 2 Qantas passes ($858 worth for this one) So decided that even though its $200 more expensive then the Air NZ equivalent I would eat the extra cost as the flight time works out better.

Flight was from one way from Wellington to Melbourne on the 2nd of Jan 2023, been trying to book it all last week online however there is no option to use the Qantas pass as a payment option.

Cost just over 1k in AUD for 2 adults and a 1month old, not the best pricing but my parents haven't met their grandchild yet so got to do it.

Rang the call center when they opened and setup a call back, which came through just before lunch. Explained the issue and had the operator try to book it for me at a higher price then advertised.

Managed to get them to process payment against the booking reference that was holding online, so was the correct price. Only issue is they didn't use my whole credit ($55 remaining) but ill just use it when I fly domestically next. Meant I only had to pay an additional $200 aud

Flight to NZ from Melbourne for Xmas I booked via Air NZ as better times and cheaper etc along with an internal flight from Dunedin to Wellington

Will use my other Qantas pass on my London trip end of Aug all going well however it keeps going up :S was originally going to only cost me all my points and my pass now its looking like upto an extra $900

Partner doesn't want to book till after we get back from Tasmania as we need to see how our daughter travels (shes only a month old at this stage)


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May 10, 2022
Ha! Hilarious that they keep changing the number.

I have noted an improvement in service over the last few weeks tbf. Seeing refunds and points being deducted for a few recent booking changes and cancellations come through. Seems as though they’ve sorted some of the staffing shortages out.
How nice that at least something made a difference in the quality of service! Have you noticed if they do that to all people, or only selectively? Well, maybe they remembered you and started treating you better :)
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