Travel Life Heinz in Japan


A return visit to Osaka after 14 years
Checking out a few ski areas I'd not been to before
- Hirayu Onsen (Gifu)
- Honokidaira (Gifu)
- Tateyama Sanroku (Toyama)
- Myoko Akakura Kanko/Onsen (Nagano)
A brief visit to Nagano & Matsumoto
Then a return to Shiga Kogen after 33 years


A return to Akita & Iwate


Japan trip no. 14 and 4th time to the Tohoku region. This trip was 12 days skiing in 7 different ski areas

Akita prefecture
Tazawako Kogen

Iwate prefecture
Appi Kogen
Hachimantai Shimokura
Hachimantai Panorama
Geto Kogen


A return to Hokkaido after a gap of 8 years. This time again joining a group with John Morrell travelling around central Hokkaido in a van and skiing Asahidake, Tokachi mountains, Nukabira, Tomamu, Furano & Kamui. A large part of which was touring. I also did a day myself afterwards at Sapporo Teine.


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Mar 14, 1995
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