Heli Skiing Alaska

John Hamilton

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Sep 11, 2019
Imagine endless terrain, inspiring steeps, and colossal vertical feet. Whether you’re an intermediate powder skier or boarder or an absolute expert, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge’s highly trained guides will help you take your skiing to the next level. The experienced team ensures safety for all abilities and provides access to the most exciting heli-skiing spots in Alaska. Heli skiing Alaska at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge begs the use of superlatives: the best, the most, unsurpassable, unequaled. With panoramic views of Denali and volcanic summits, fine dining, relaxing accommodations, and fabulous hospitality, this is the stuff of legends.


Fully vaccinated but nowhere to go
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Oct 14, 2005
I'm sure it will be a good operation. I have skied quite a bit with one the guides Hugh Barnard over many years in NZ, India, Kamchatka & Europe. Also met Mike Overcast many years ago when he was at Chucagh Powder Guides in Girdwood. Spoke with Hugh about it last month in Wanaka and certainly sounds impressive, but I am long past the stage of committing that sort of money up front for a week. I just do all my heli time now in NZ where it is much more flexible and relaxed.


One of Us
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Jun 21, 2003
Yackandandah NE Victoria
Have been with PNH in Alaska =way cheaper than that, I think about $6000 US per week [exchange rate was excellent then.]
Its true that some weeks w PNH the helis cant fly and that they can get shit snow conditions when its dry and windy leaving an icy crust.
Did meet a German man from the Bahamas who is doing the Tordrillos.
Can confirm that it would be awesome but a bit much money on something so weather dependent.
When I joked about his job in the Bahamas there was definitely no comment !!!!!!
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