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Holmlands Adventure Podcast

Discussion in 'Snow Talk' started by Holmlands, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. Holmlands

    Holmlands First Runs

    Oct 15, 2020
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    Earlier this year we started our adventure podcast series, with season one now available on all podcast platforms - with video versions available via the Holmlands YouTube channel.

    With a heart on sleeve passion for skiing, our guests include free ski icons Cody Townsend, Scott Gaffney, Ian McIntosh, Mike Douglas, Izzy Lynch, Nat Segal and more.

    Click here to listen to the first season, or search for "Holmlands Adventure Podcast" and tune in wherever you get your podcasts.

    If you prefer to watch, check out or podcast playlist on YouTube here:

    If you enjoy the episodes and would like to support the show, you can do so by making a voluntary donation here.

    Thanks for tuning in!
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