Question Hotham accommodation recommendations?

rob r

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May 1, 2014
I figured first hand experience would provide the most reliable info.

Looking at travelling to hotham with a group of 4 in mid august and I'm wondering what there is in terms of cheap, on-mountain self-contained apartments?

We've travelled to falls creek the last 3 years and enjoyed the ski-in-ski-out proximity of pubs, foodworks and nightlife, so we are hoping to find something simillar in hotham. We won't be driving, so ski-in-ski-out or hassle free shuttles would be best. I'm aware of there being mountain-top accommodation as well dinner plain and davenport, but since I've never been I wouldn't know where exactly suits us best. So any tips would be good. cheers


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Jun 20, 2003
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Check out shamrock apartments. They for many years were the cheapest self contained accom on the hill.
Over in davenport behind Jack Frost in one of the courts.
Some of the apartments have been renovated, but all were in good condition when I was last there.
The older un renovated ones have burnt orange tiles circa late 70's / early 80's!!!!
Location is good, not far from the genny for night life and a short walk to the bus stop or frosty drop ski run
It's snow bound as well, so nice to wake up to.
Some have lofts, some bedrooms , a couple have balconies or great views


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Jun 3, 2013
Depends on what you want, walking distance to the pub or walking distance to the ski runs?
Shamrock is close to the Genny but you'll need to squeeze onto the shuttle bus in the morning and afternoon to get to the ski runs.

True ski in, ski out at Hotham like there is at Falls is very thin on the ground. If you're prepared to walk 200 metres from the lift, the Arlberg is a safe bet. Just have a good look at what you're booking as a lot of apartments there have mezzanine levels for bedrooms, so the bedroom is not enclosed and is open to the lounge area.
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