Hotham / dp bbq thread

Discussion in 'Hotham & Dinner Plain' started by hongomania, Apr 18, 2018.

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    No where else to put this; plus we need a bbq thread anyway.

    Damn can't smash ice and charge anymore this season! But in all seriousness good to hear this work is being done. Sounds like they mean firearms at the Brighton property but can't be sure

    A luxury home in Brighton was among the premises raided, and police were last night also searching a property in the ski resort village of Dinner Plain, close to Mt Hotham.

    "We have located four or five firearms there,” Detective Inspector Mick Daly told the Herald Sun.
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    Bumped into a friend yesterday, He said the buses aren't going to be run by the resort this year, contracted out to the people who run the Dinner Plain shuttle. New buses etc.