Hotham first timer q's about parking


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Jul 10, 2012
My partner and I will be visiting Hotham for the first time and have a few questions we need help answering.

We were thinking of staying in Omeo and driving up and parking in Dinner Plain and catching the free shuttle from Dinner Plain to Hotham. The main reason is we both get sick driving up and down winding roads. That's also the reason for staying in Omeo as its supposed to be less winding as opposed to Harrietville way.

1. Is there parking available in Dinner Plain for people not staying in accommodation in Dinner Plain and what times is it open from and till?

2. How much does parking cost?

3. Do you pay resort entry if you are parking at Dinner Plain or do you pay resort entry on the shuttle bus?

4. Is it really winding to drive up to Dinner Plain from Omeo, or is most the winding from Dinner Plain to Hotham? Either way we would like to minimise the winding as much as possible but if its not really possible to park at Dinner Plain we are prepared to park in Hotham.

5. Where do you buy resort entry if you are taking the shuttle bus and don't have to pay resort entry in Dinner Plain?

Note we don't want to park overnight just during the day probably between 8am to 6pm.

The websites say they have parking at Dinner Plain but no information is given.

=) thanks


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Jun 20, 2003
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Dinner plian is outside the no resort entry to go to DP.
the DP-Hotahm bus is free, but resort entry must be paid - $15pp per day from memory.
There is parking available at DP, the last time i was there just inside the gates on the left was available for all day parking....the bus departs from outside the Onsen..accross the road.
The drive up from omeo is beatiful and is really only as winding as you make it....the faster you go the more winding it is....
it is fairly straight from DP to Hotham.

It is must less winding than the harrietville side...but plenty of people stay off mountain on the harrietville side and drive up each day...its really not that bad except on a blizzardy day and then its really only the last klm.

Either way both harritville and omeo are great towns to stay in...enjoy
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Apr 18, 2000
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Welcome, Coldshoulder, to the Hotham sub-forum.

I've been up to Hotham via Omeo several times, and whilst I agree the drive from Omeo to Hotham feels less winding, the drive from Bairnsdale to Omeo, though, from my memory, is quite winding, and for a longer distance.

Yardsale (who has a place in Omeo and thus far more experienced with the Melbourne to Hotham route via Omeo) would be in a better position to comment on the point above. Yardsale?


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Jul 8, 2004
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I did the drive up from Sale virtually every ski season weekend for 12 years, and often over summer as well. Stayed at the Golden Age in Omeo many, many times. (G'day Alan!) As Slushi says, the winding bit of the drive is between Bairnsdale and Omeo, specifically the section from Bruthen to Ensay. Sure, it's very winding, but it's an incredibly attractive drive - coming around the corner at Wattle Bend in August is nothing short of spectacular. And while it's winding, with a couple of very tight hairpin bends, it's not steep like an alpine road, so you can keep your speed up pretty well on it. Once you learn the road you can almost treat it like a race circuit! (That might be irresponsible, so please ignore)

Omeo is a fine place to stay, and the drive from there to Hotham is like a drive in the country, as, all bar one very short section just out of Omeo, all the winding roads are behind you. And on a sunny day, coming around that last bend near Mother Johnson's, the view across to Feathertop is one of the best in the world!

I did find it odd that you say you both get carsick on winding roads. I'm a very poor passenger myself, but I've never heard of the driver being affected.
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Aug 15, 2009
Welcome coldshoulder.
The drive to Omeo from Bairnsdale is fairly winding. Very nice though but do it during daylight as it's rather dangerous driving in the evening due to poor light for about 2 hours.
The drive from Omeo to Dinner Plain is easy and not like the former and nothing like the harrietville approach.
Dinner Plain to Hotham is very easy as well - straight road.

Park at Scrubbers end in DP OR at the day car park as soon as you enter the DP village (car park on the left).The bus stop to Hotham (Christian's Bus)is at the Onsen Day Spa if you park at the day car park (look for Mountain Kitchen and Castran Real Estate- that's the day car park). You will need to pay for the bus to hotham - about $15. You don't pay returning back to Dinner Plain- it's free.
If you park at the Scrubber's End car park, the bus to hotham goes down Scrubbers End so this is also an easy option. Scrubbers End is the street where the poma lift and toboggan area is located as well as the overnnight parking.

You do not pay for day parking. It's free. Overnight parking requires a parking permit from a booking agent if staying in Dinner Plain. Not applicable to you though.

Omeo is nice. Dinner Plain is nicer.
Enjoy your holiday.


First Runs
Jul 10, 2012
lol about the carsickness! unfortunately even when driving I get motion sickness and start feeling dizzy. My partner is not so bad but has a fear of driving off the edge of the mountain (I think its because he is from flat old western australia) so harrietville approach would have been very very undesirable thank god for the omeo dinner plain way!

haha race course - hardly in a hyandai elantra! maybe if it was a nice manual sports car!

thanks for all the great info much appreciated!


Aug 15, 2011
coldshoulder said:
about the carsickness! unfortunately even when driving I get motion sickness and start feeling dizzy.

My partner, son and nephew all start to get car sick on the way to Buller, after a couple of years i got fed up and did some research, i now make them all take a ginger tablet before we leave

We have only tried this twice so far, and both times i haven't had to stop.
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Sep 17, 2003
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As others have said, the road from Buchan to Omeo is twisty but you only have to do that once each way. It is not as precipitous as the worse bits of the Harrietville-Hotham road, but it does have sections that wind above the river. The drive from Omeo to DP or Hotham is more sweeping bends than twisty. I don't think it is any worse between DP and Hotham than Omeo and DP, so no point in parking at DP.


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Because the resort entry fee is circa $16 per person each day on the bus... and the car parking fee is c. $39, for two people it's only a saving of $7 to park at Dinner Plain and catch the bus.*

Ask yourself if it's worth $7 to avoid hanging around at DP waiting for the bus. Having a car at the Corral car park in the middle of the resort also gives you a depot where you can leave things like lunch, extra clothes, foul weather gear, etc. It means you don't have to ski around wearing a pack.

However the Corral car park tends to fill up fairly early, usually around 9.00 am. So you need to get there early. If you arrive around 10.00 am, you are often directed to a more distant car park, where you have to catch a bus back to the lifts, negating the benefits of avoiding the DP shuttle bus and having your car nearby to use as a depot for the stuff you may need during the day.

* <span style="font-size: 8pt">If you need to hire tyre chains that calculation will be different.</span>
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Jun 6, 2000
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currawong said:
The drive from Omeo to DP or Hotham is more sweeping bends than twisty. I don't think it is any worse between DP and Hotham than Omeo and DP, so no point in parking at DP.

Just out of Omeo it has a few corners where you have to watch yourself. Apart from that though, I agree that it is much the same.
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May 22, 2001
Just spent two weeks up there, driving up and down the hill each day. I did a little map of the roadworks on the GAR and the locations of ice.

I'll try and keep this up-to-date each weekend.

Just watch the road. A lot of it you can drive fast - but where the Harrietville side is dangerous because of the bends, snow and poor visibility - the Omeo side is dangerous because of high speeds and ice (and wombats and roos).
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First Runs
Jul 10, 2012
thankyou for the ginger suggestion Barras! I'm going to look for that at the pharmacy next time I'm there.

Oh well about the driving I think a break from driving will be nice so we will still park in dinner plain and bus up to hotham.

thanks for the map yardsale! much appreciated for the advice guys.
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