Hotham lift prices


Hard Yards
Apr 8, 2009
I have noticed Hotham have been selling lift tickets cheaper in the last few weeks. I was wondering whether this is due to poor snow conditions or because it's early in the season?

I ask because i am going at the beginning of July & wondered whether I'll being paying full rates (due to school holidays etc) to board on little snow with not many lifts operating?


Pool Room
Ski Pass
Sep 17, 2003
Kiewa Valley
I can't say for sure for Hotham, but I can tell you about Falls (which is of course owned by the same company)

Day tickets were $34 until yesterday. Today I believe they doubled to $68. No extra lifts were listed as opening. The difference? Start of (private) school holidays. Still, it's not full rate.

My guess is that it will go to full rate when they get a bit more open. I guess at Hotham that would mean Heavenly, but not Orchard or Blue Ribbon.
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