How do Selwyns blue runs compare to Thredbo/Perish


Hard Yards
Jul 19, 2008
I have been to Thredbo and Perisher and have fun on the blue and green runs, though some of the sections in the blue runs are still a bit tricky for my ability. Looking at the trail maps for Selwyn, it doesnt show many green runs. What are the blue runs like at Selwyn, compared to the ones in Thredbo/Perisher? Are they similar or easier?


First Runs
May 21, 2008
I've been to Thredbo, PB and Selwyn. IMHO the blue runs in Selwyn are comparable to the green runs in PB and Thredbo.

I have skied a blue run in Selwyn which is pretty much the same as Front Valley.

They are all relative difficulty gradings i.e. the green runs are the easiest FOR THAT MOUNTAIN.

Not only that, but for a bigger resort (eg PB) you may have "inconsitencies" between the green runs in two different areas as the green run is the easiest FOR THAT AREA...

I agree this can be confusing beacuse it is all relative.


Hard Yards
Apr 23, 2008
A few inconsistencies were fixed in Blue Cow and Guthega a few years ago on the Exceloratator and Mother in law runs. Tragically in put the snowplow beginners around the Ridge.
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