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Mar 14, 1995
Clarence Town
It is always better to upload an image than link an image from a personal cloud host platform such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

There are more steps involved with linking from a cloud host and the images tend to break and be forever lost over time as the platforms constantly make system changes.

LAST EDIT and correct information: 21 Jan 2017
This tutorial assumes you know how to insert an image using a URL

Posting images with a Microsoft OneDrive URL is the easiest of the three storage services but there is still a couple of steps for it to work correctly.

The trap for young players is to make sure the web address (URL) is a link direct to the image and not to the OneDrive page containing the image.

This is the common error that results in a failed image. OneDrive wants to promote itself to your friends so the default 'Share' link that they provide is to a OneDrive page containing the image and not a direct link to the image. This default page link will not embed the image on any forum nor any web page.

So... if your image URL looks like this;
the image will not display.

The fix
1. Open OneDrive in any browser.
2. Browse to the photo you wish to share on these forums.
3. Click the photo to enlarge it.
4. Select the 'Embed' menu item.
5. Copy the Embed link from the side panel that opens up.

Your image URL will now be very long and random looking, something like this;

Watch the video for detail.

Questions or trouble getting it to work?
Ask below.
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