Tutorial If it sells, please change prefix to 'Sold' | How-To


Maintenance Dept
Mar 14, 1995
Clarence Town
When your item sells, please change the Thread Prefix to 'Sold'

But why???
Threads are kept and marked as Sold rather than deleted. This enables a record of what does and does not sell and what fair value is for similar items.


To change the prefix to sold - follow these instructions;

Marking as Sold
Select 'Edit Thread' from the 'Thread Tools' menu (which is immediately above the OP) and change the prefix to 'Sold'. Please change only the title prefix and not the original title. Only the person who created the OP (opening post) can edit the prefix.

Edits on the OP have no time limit in Gear Swap, if you are unable to edit then pls PM me.
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