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    Interesting comments from the Intersport CEO. In particular the 75% reduction in snowboard sales (40k to 10k) compared to the 35% drop in ski sales(230k to 150k) over the same period (2011/12 -2016/17). Along with skiing becoming more exclusive in Europe due to changing weather patterns leading to short seasons and thus higher costs.
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    ski rentals are doing well for Intersport, apparently
    interesting take on snowboards ie that they were a short-lived fashion
    certainly never as many on euro snow as here
    my impression last season at Perisher was of another increase in boarders
    as for people buying stuff, I’ve reduced my stock of skiwear for storage-space and marital reasons and not looking to buy more
    eg only one ski jacket now, three pairs of pants
    the industry have to push the new models and styles of everything, every year, or there’s no turnover - and the wave of mergers and takeovers seems to have abated
    I wonder how many snow people are tired of buying new stuff all the time
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    Not sure how it is these days but my experience from the early /mid 90s in France ,was that many resorts were never set up with their lift alignments to suit snowboarders , even when we used to go beyond the resort boundaries, which normally involved a bit of traversing , the guys on boards would really slow it all down, some would even come out back on skis.
    Maybe even might be a demographic thing ,as the younger generation ,simply dont have the money/inclination to go skiing or boarding.
    Even in countries like France , many don't ski , as they dont have the money ,and if they do go on holiday , they are quite likely to go to a hot place .
    One interesting stat from France dating back to the mid 90s was the big decline in school groups going to the ski resorts, and that was even in areas in the Savoie region of France , that have easy access to the ski resorts.
    Obviously if mum and dad dont ski , there is less chance of the kids being introduced to the sport at an early age.
    We spent Christmas/New Year in Malaysia , lazing around a pool near a lovely beach and there was lots and lots of Euros there trying to improve their suntan.
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    Snowboarding has been in decline everywhere except Asia for the last decade. The steepest decline has been in the US. The intersport report is interesting because of the speed of the decline.

    I'm not sure about equipment sales in Australia but demand for snowboard lessons continues to drop year on year with one of Australia's big 5 ski hills no longer employing new snowboard instructors who aren't also certified to teach Alpine skiing.

    Until snowboarding finds a marketing angle other than being the rebellious, youth snow sport it will continue to decline. Nothing says youthful or rebellious like your grandfather snowboarding.
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