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Aug 5, 2018
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Has anyone skied Jahorina? 1984 winter olympics was held there. Jahorina is about 1 hour car drive from Sarajevo, there is also Bjelasnica mountain, which is about 40 minutes car drive from Sarajevo.

I am exploring the possibility of visiting Sarajevo in winter 2020. My good friend (former colleague) lives in Sarajevo and I haven't seen her for few years.

However, my friend mentioned snow fall has not been reliable in recent years, no skiing season in 2014 due to lack of snow. She suggested spring / summer is a better time to visit.

I can either go winter or summer, but it'd be nice if I can kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone: combine skiing w/ visiting friend in one trip.

Any info you can share will be greatly appreciated!


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Oct 14, 2005
I stopped over briefly in Sarajevo in 1989 not long before the conflict. It was just a quick trip in spring through what was still Yugoslavia at the time. It was spring and no snow about, so no skiing. Sarajevo was quite a contrast to Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Maribor which were the other places I visited. I didn't really understand the ethnic differences at the time. I have since been back to Slovenia a couple of times being a short trip from Austria - Ljubljana & Bled are highly recommended.
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