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Jul 8, 1999
So i just got this in an email from the Jindy Chamber of Commerce. Good to see some effort being put into solving the problem, at least in the short term.

An update for you re: the work undertaken by the Chamber, Council and land holders.

We now have 3 land holders interested in working towards a short term solution with the potential for a long term proposal for Jindabyne seasonal staff. While we are accounting for some staff from the resorts, the primary focus is staff for small business. These are businesses with less capacity for solving the problem themselves.

We have enlisted the help of a professional vendor for the ablution blocks and infrastructure. Provider is Trade Structures. The lead has had many years of experience with these kinds of projects, albeit for different industries.

The Chamber has had numerous business owners approaching us needing various levels of staff accommodation. We believe the conservative need is 150, though we are preparing for 300 (scaling up or down is possible once we understand the level of business commitment)

The infrastructure will include gravel roads, power, water, septic, showers, lighting, security and wifi.

We anticipate that the majority of staff will have access to their own van and we are preparing for 20-30 accommodation via rented caravans (social media will be used to access vans not used over winter). We have approached Wicked van and are awaiting feedback.

We plan to ask businesses for upfront commitment required for the land holders to invest in the infrastructure.

Each business will be asked for a bond per staff, (Amount tbc) that being now different to renting a house/apartment.

We have the council working alongside us, advising the land owners what they need to do to prepare the DA and have committed the priorities to the DA applications. Some discussions are underway to find funding for the process. (Council grants).

We have asked the state government for assistance and have received positive comments, however nothing concrete as yet.

Time is of the essence. We have very scarce resources and time to bring this project to a successful end.

We plan to hold a town meeting this Friday for businesses to attend, hear the pitch and be asked for commitment. Meeting will be in Rydges at 5.30pm

Olivier Kapetanakos


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Oct 4, 2016
More going into the park at the turnoff today. Transported in then placed by crane. Another half dozen or so. Won’t remedy the core issue though.

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