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Employment Job - Senior Engineer (NPWS) Perisher Valley

Discussion in 'Noticeboard' started by Boutros, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Boutros

    Boutros One of Us Ski Pass: Silver

    Sep 14, 2012
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    Anyone know any Engineers that want to live and work at the snow (and get paid more than a lifty):


    Senior Engineer
    National Parks and Wildlife Service has a unique opportunity for an experienced Engineer to lead and work as part of the team based in Perisher Valley, Kosciuszko National Park. If you are someone who loves variety and challenges, working in a quiet natural environment in summer and busy ski resort area in winter, and wants to broaden your experience and knowledge, then this role might be for you.

    In this role, you will lead the delivery of municipal services in the Perisher Range Resorts. In summer this involves implementing maintenance programs, capital works projects, and asset management. In winter, which is the peak visitation period, it’s about ensuring everything is running as it should. You will be monitoring and evaluating water and sewerage operations, waste management, assisting with road and oversnow operations, and as required responding to issues, breakdowns or emergency repairs.

    To assist you in your work, you have a team of experienced trade staff, water and wastewater operators, and project officer/engineers. You will also liaise closely with other government agencies, stakeholders, inter-departmental teams and engage contractors and consultants for specialist work and advice as required.

    Essential Requirements:
    • Degree in Engineering (Civil, Environmental or related discipline), with qualifications and experience that would enable admission to membership of the Institution of Engineers (Australia).
    • Extensive experience in civil engineering works, and the provision of municipal services such as water supply, wastewater, solid waste, stormwater and roads.
    • Demonstrated experience in project management and contract management (preparation, tendering, evaluation) and managing contractors.
    • Current Australian driver’s licence and the capacity and willingness to attend after hours emergency situations as required.
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  2. climberman

    climberman CloudRide1000 Legend Ski Pass: Gold

    Jul 24, 2000
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    the sunny illawarra
    Looks good, I think at least one of our members has previously done this job or similar!
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