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Trip Report July 2019 school holidays

Discussion in 'Selwyn' started by teleroo, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. teleroo

    teleroo Ignored Member Ski Pass: Gold

    Jun 19, 2019
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    The tele-joeys and I had a fun, but exhausting two weeks of the July school holidays at Mt Selwyn this year. Some of you have asked for some pics away from the main hot spots, so here goes:

    First week of the holidays had pretty limited cover, really only Township and the New Chum bowl open. But that was OK, kids were a bit tired from the school term, so a few rest days built into the program prior to the big storm coming starting 11 July. But still fun skiing and few people. Kids learning telemark too this year, so that kind of put them back a notch in terms of their skiing ability.

    Snow arrived on Thursday 11th. Big relief. Place looking much better.

    Cold temps and flakes- glad we went into Cooma and got mittens for the kids on one of our rest days prior to Thursday. Discovered mittens are the bomb for kids in cold conditions - way warmer than gloves and easier to dry. You can even telemark in them.

    Saturday morning brought a little snow to Old Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene, with snow on the ground all the way on the drive in.

    Roads were a bit of a mess on Saturday with lots of day trippers. Five or six cars off the road at the bottom of the big bend going into Kiandra, one flipped. Most snow driving I have done (four days in a row, park boundary to Selwyn, 4WD) but a good experience. Selwyn was looking a treat by this stage. Consistently -3 degrees C or below for both Saturday and Sunday. About the limit for my kids at this stage I reckon, temperature wise. Snow guns running until 1 pm Sunday didn't help but I guess pretty good snow making conditions. Interesting to read a few grumbly comments over this weekend from the higher NSW resorts of lifts on wind hold and big queues etc. Selwyn was ticking over nicely though.

    Really snowy drive in on Sunday morning...Northern Kozi NP looking absolutely stunning.

    Icicles anyone?

    Then by Monday morning Kiandra was pretty much fully white. Would have been a good day to set out on the famous Kiandra to Kosciusko ski tour I reckon. Snow depth roughly 30 cm in the Kiandra valley.

    And Selwyn...Yum.

    Youngster even stomped up Wombat before the lift opened to get some fresh tracks.

    Ended up with 12 days skiing over the two weeks. Kids absolutely exhausted by the end of it, but shows that fun was had.

    Next big trip will be 11-17 August. Hoping the big system being discussed in the forecasts comes into play because Selwyn will be in need of a decent top up by then.

    Over and out, Teleroo.
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  2. IAB

    IAB A Local Ski Pass: Gold

    Jun 20, 2005
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    The Shire, Sydney
    Great report, and you timed it perfectly!
  3. Sean Sunley

    Sean Sunley One of Us

    Jun 1, 2017
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    Wagga Wagga
    My wife was there for week two and had a great time. She was with a family using the $39 lift passes so it was only $156/day for a family of four which is excellent value.