Predictions June 14th - 18th

Claude Cat

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Jul 6, 2001
Canterbury, Vic
So bom is still forecasting snow this arvo and tonight down to 1100 m . Is this wishful thinking or is much colder air about to hit?
Colder 500 hPa temps from about 4pm, but 850 hPas don't get down to zero until around midnight from mid-morning GFS run. Not sure we'll be seeing snow down to 1100m until late tonight or early am tomorrow. IMO


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Jul 27, 2009
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Yesterday the charts showed cold pool arriving in avro in NSW.

I'm at work and cannot access the charts I need to make a reasonable prediction.

But at this range, CC is usually spot on.
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Jan 19, 2014
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Charlotte Pass in NSW will open tomorrow and, with the predicted snowfalls over the coming days, Selwyn shouldn’t be too far away either.

The top-up for which all Aussie snow lovers had their fingers crossed arrives today, with up to 15cm of the white stuff expected in most resorts. There’ll be the almost Aussie-standard prefrontal rain, but it shouldn’t do too much damage to the snow pack.

There’s the potential for another 10-20cm of snow on Monday as the moisture feed moves north-westerly, prompting some colder conditions. This augers well for snow-making in the days after too.
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