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Jun 22, 2000
So, whats it all about? A new chairlift would kick it into gear!

"Over the five years to 31 October 2013, Mt Baw Baw has maintained a capital
replacement indicator of less than one. This shows that the level of spending on asset
maintenance and renewal has been less than the amount of assets consumed
annually, as measured by depreciation.
While the capital replacement indicator for Mt Hotham and Mt Buller are greater than
one, they are only marginally so. Consequent
ly, these alpine resorts should also be
closely monitoring the condition of their assets."


May 18, 2002
sort of interesting although not really. Baw Baw is the only resort that the Govt owns the lifting infrastructure. All other resorts the ski field is leased to a private company.

So while a ski lift might help BB wouold improve the asset spending bottom line, the govt has no such pull at the other resorts.

The asset spending for the other resorts contained in this report will be looking at Govt (RMB) maintained assets = water, sewerage, car parks, gas, roads in some cases, and public amenities, public transport within the villages. Which is also the things that no one wants to pay for eg through service charges, site rental and resort entry.

And I don't really see how spending more money on these assets (apart from necessary and upgrades) will increase visitation.

Most visitors are attracted by ski field development eg new lifts, terrain parks, snow making and other family on-snow activities, because bottom line is that's why 85% of visitors are attracted to the alpine resorts. Not because a new water pipe has been install, how ever necessary that may be!
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