Lift Passes - options for anytime/multivisit


Hard Yards
Aug 7, 2010
Hi Forums, I'm heading to Hotham twice this year (2 x 5 days midweek) and was hoping to book either a 10 day anytime or season pass but is seems neither option is available? On the website I can only book as two separate items (2 x 5 day passes). Unable to get through to lift ops on the standard Hotham number (keypad selectors don't seem to work).

Any tips on the most affordable way to do this (from now), obviously the Epic pass would have been the best option but it appears this is no longer available. Also, can passes be used at both Falls creek and Hotham or would I need to purchase 1 x Falls and 4 x Hotham. Finally if anyone has the direct number for the lift ticket office please post/PM me as its impossible to get through to them.

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