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Question Linking seperately booked flights?

Discussion in 'Flights' started by LDJ, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. LDJ

    LDJ One of Us

    Apr 23, 2017
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    Anyone have any experience in linking separately booked flights on the same airline? For some crazy reason on Lufthanza's website if I book LJU to MAN (Change in FRA) as 1 flight it is coming up as like 1300 Euros (2 people) for a specific flight. If I book LJU to FRA and then FRA to MAN as separate flights but for the same flight times it costs 500 Euro (2 people) ???? There is a 1 hour time frame to get off one plane and onto the other in FRA which should be okay I think. Any idea if I can book separately but then either link them after by contacting Lufthanza or link them at the airport so the luggage goes straight onto other plane? Thought I would see if anyone had done anything similar.
  2. chicski

    chicski A Local Ski Pass: Gold

    Feb 22, 2017
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    Qantas will link them but you still have to collect luggage. They’ll also link people booked on separate tickets but flying together. Helpful for flight changes.
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