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May 27, 2019

We have moved to Sydney from Melbourne and are looking to join a good lodge at Perisher. Where to start ? Any recommendations ? Does anyone have a membership for sale or are there lodges people know of who are taking new members at present ?



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Mar 19, 2010
@Robsnow I would start by looking at where in Perisher you would like to be, Perisher, Smiggins or Guthega.

I would also check out which of these lodges have multiple locations, there are a couple that also have lodges in Jindabyne and also in the Victoria ski fields.

I am a member of Snowcountry which has lodges in Jindabyne and Smiggins, and I believe they still have memberships available.

I love this mix of membership as we use Jindy for weekend trips and use the Smiggins lodge for occasional trips. Works well for us as we also stay in Thredbo.

There are the usual threads on what to look out for when buying into a lodge so I won’t bore with that, apart from saying snow country is well set up and just finished renovating the Smiggins lodge using cash reserves.
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