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Clothing Miltary Trenchcoat and Overall Coat

Discussion in 'Gear Swap' started by D.PAN, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. D.PAN

    D.PAN Early Days

    Jun 25, 2020
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    Hi guys,

    Just trying to clean out my wardrobe as you know my reason in my previous threads.

    Overall coat (large size) is what I bought in Canada 10 years ago. I only wore them when going out on cold nights occasionally. Why I chose large size? Because I wanted to wear a turtle jumper or any kind jumper to look good! I am 175cm with extra jumper or sweater or whatever I wear as long as there is some room, not snug fit.

    It can go up to 185cm if my weight is 70kg but it can go up to 75kg.

    It's in excellent condition.

    https://ibb.co/album/bbbbVw - actual photo

    Asking $50

    Military Trenchcoat in black suede (small size). Purchased through Banana Republic from Canada. Used to wear it for work and outing in winter only. In excellent condition as the photos look average (my phone is crappy). Inspection is welcome.

    This is a slim fit, as I am 175cm. The weight must be under 70kg (preferably 65kg-68kg) only otherwise it will be tight.

    You will look handsome wearing a Napoleonic military uniform - please notice there is a clip on the collar to put ti together.

    It has been dry cleaned recently.

    https://ibb.co/album/2gMB5T - actual photos

    Asking $200

    Non-NSW buyer must pay postage fee. Free hand delivery to Sydney and Illawarra region.

    Any question, please ask.