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More options for X-C skiers this winter

Discussion in 'Falls Creek' started by Skipress, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Skipress

    Skipress Hard Yards Ski Pass: Gold

    Apr 17, 2000
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    Tony Pammer & Sally Gorman are heading up a myriad of affordable snow activities from the Multisport Cross Country Ski Centre located adjacent to the Windy Corner Car Park. This transformation also includes a revamped cafe, that in keeping with YMCA's eating policy, will offer healthy snacks and lunches daily.

    There's also an injection of cross-country talent that includes a seven times French National Champion plus an opportunity to demo some high-tech cross-country skis.And there's even more options for visitors of guests at the numerous ski lodges, apartments and hotels in the European-style alpine village.

    Guided Snow Shoe Tours with a local identity Geza Kovacks twice a week on snow shoes and three times a week on backcountry skis.
    Kovacks offers an insight into the historical aspects of the resort and how it became what it is today. He is also a wealth of information about every aspect of the alpine environment around Falls Creek.

    Geza Kovak’s tours cost $30 for the two- hour and $80 for the longer, six-hour tour. Ski Tours will be offered every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Snowshoe tours will take place every Tuesday and Thursday.
    Another addition to the line-up of options available from the Multisport Cross Country Ski Centre this winter is free video sessions in the Nordic Bowl with Iris Pessey a French champion skier. Iris will also hold one-hour, on-snow, clinics at 9am and 2pm daily.
    Pammer said:"The video session with Iris will result in instant feedback. Participants are invited to watch their skiing prowess on a TV monitor in our cafe.
    "Iris will also host a one-hour on-snow clinic at 9am and 2pm daily. Cost $25 per participant.
    "Our stock of hire equipment has been upgraded for this winter. And there is an opportunity to road-test (or should that be ski test) Madshus Skis.

    "Madshus Skis come in four grades Redline, Nanosonic, Hypersonic and Terrasonic. In each grade there is a skate ski, a waxable classic and a non-wax called inteli grip or "zero", finaly Madshus Skis are trialing a return to a modified version of the old mohair base for classic skis.
    "Falls Creek Cross-Country Centre has a demo ski in all the levels in skate skis and of the different classic bases.
    "There will be increased collaboration with the resort's cross-country grooming team to ensure there's an abundant array of options for all levels of cross-country skiers."

    For more information contact Falls Creek Cross Country Centre
    Tel 03 5758 3408 Mobile 0407 790 041

    E-mail fallscreekxc@ymca.org.au
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