Trip Report Mt.Buffalo. Cresta Valley Rock hopping XC ski day.June 1st 2019

Mister Tee on XC Skis

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Jul 29, 2015
Melbourne, Lockdown-i-stan .
Hi. Your correspondent in the field went to Mt. Buffalo in hope of doing some early season XC skiing. Armed with a pair of classic skinny rock hopper PB skis I drove up from Melbourne on Sat. June 1st 2019.
The drive up the Mt. Buffalo road was not looking good in terms of snow. The Reservoir road is still a bushwalking route only and Hospice plain was looking very devoid of snow. I pulled into the car park at Cresta valley and saw much vegetation poking through the sketchy snow cover. Some people were trying to skate ski on the 1 mm of ice left on the Horn Road.
I went off to XC rock hopper ski the Bogong loop and the Beginner's loop. Sections of it were icy and treacherous and other bits had enough softer continuous cover to throw in a step turn , a snow plough turn and a snow plough to stop. Otherwise it was more rock than hopping and we can only hope for a XC season at Mt. Buffalo that was as good as it was at Cresta last year in 2018.The sunny weather was pleasant but it was much too warm for what we need , which is a shipload of more snow!.
A quick visit to take in the view of the Vic. Alps cloaked in early season snow from The Gorge was a worthy addition to the afternoon's programme.
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