Snow Report Mt Buller 2016 - Trip Reports/Info/Pics Thread


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Aug 24, 2015
Box Hill, VIC
Well the season is well over and done with, so thanks to all who have contributed to these 23 pages of reports.
Enjoy summer (or NH winter) and here is some photos that didn't make it to my reports this season...



so yesterday I heard another classic "punter question "... Where do they store the moguls in summer?

While Springtime is still looking for Melbourne, Summer has already found it.
So I guess it's time to pack away those moguls now, hey @wolly! LOL

Gees, some people say the dumbest things, don't they.
I'll be first to admit, even I say dumb things occasionally (hard to believe, I know ;)), but this one really takes the cak. . . torte.

I mean, serially, if they only thought about what they're about to say, before actually saying it, they'd realise what a dumb question that is!

Because I thought everyone knew where the moguls are stored over summer . . .

. . . in mah belly!


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