Found My new base-camp tent


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Mar 3, 2014
I like tipis and such for winter camping because they resist the wind so well.
Toms Outdoors had a big Helsport lavvu on clearance so after talking to The comptroller of War and Finances who agreed [ grudgingly] I bought it.
Here's the link for those interested.

Money is tight so I'm using Zip-Pay.

I previously had a Helsport lavvu, the Varanger Camp 8P, this one is twice the size and much taller which suits my needs better.
I already have the stove that goes with this tent.
The floor and inner are available for an additional $900- to my door but I doubt I will be buying unless I come into some better cash flow.
Just letting you all know that this will be set up next white season and you are welcome to come out and have a look.
Now I need to sell some other stuff I guess and also I'm wondering how to integrate it with my other tents if I decide to keep it, my other big tents are the Black Wolf Tuff-Domes
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