Advice needed New jacket and overseas sales?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by wat17, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I previously had a Arcteryx Goretex Shell which seemed a good product but didn't last as long as I was hoping. So I am in the market for a new jacket. Really like the dryness of being in a Goretex Shell so would like something similar.

    Any recommendations? I don't mind spending in the middle to higher range for a good product.

    Any overseas vendors you can recommended that may have some end of season sales starting soon?
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    FYI arcteryx have a fabulous warranty on their gear. May be worth looking into. We have had 2 soft shell jackets- 8 years old repaired no issues.
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    Yep Arc'teryx make much of their lifetime warranty, and I haven't read of anyone complaining about their warranty experience, for what that's worth.
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    I honestly can’t be sure if it was Arcteryx now but I have a warranty story that takes the cake.

    A friend of ours (older than us, used to be PBs employer many many years ago, and a self made multi millionaire) met us in Zermatt - few years ago. Well his jacket seemed to have lost waterproofing - he was getting drenched, no one else was. He was not impressed. I offered to spray his jacket with some rewaterproofing stuff, but no, off in a huff about the jacket not maintaining waterproofing through its lifetime the went straight to the store. “Complain complain” - shoves jacket to staff in store.

    Turns out the jacket was more than 20 years old, the waterproof/beathability rating was so low even the low end brands don’t make it like that anymore. He was most put out to learn that the jacket had reached its “lifetime”, and the “lifetime guarantee” wasn’t HIS lifetime.

    Of course we all just told him “buy a new jacket, tightarse”.