New range of Nokian winter tyres available now

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    3PMSF Nokian winter tyres can maximize the safety of your AWD SUV in alpine ice and snow conditions. You can see the polished grooves that pump out wet snow slush to maximise grip, maintain drive traction and enhance braking.

    A ‘mixed grill’ of Nokian winter tyres in this container that was unloaded this week. Including Nokian Hakka winter ❄️ tyres for SUVs, studded Nokian tyres for RMB resort service vehicles and Nokian Noktop recapping treads for resort buses.
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    Yawn......a bit more product to VicRoads and RMBs to influence legislation that will require 4WD and AWD vehicles to have snowtyres fitted to be exempt from chain fitting requirements in Victoria. Time to come clean on what you have been working on.