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Jun 29, 2022
Hi all,
We are thinking of visiting mt Ruapehu end of Sept. I am only thinking sledding and gondola at this stage.

From the top of Bruce Rd, Whakapapa ski area, if we choose NOT to do Happy Valley sledding are there open areas to do sledding?

The reason is I've read that we can hire sled and bring with us, however we cannot bring this up to the gondola and can't bring into Happy Valley either. We will only be driving to the Park 'N' Ride and rely on shuttle from that point onwards.

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May 28, 2000
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Hey Scmay, going off the Mt Ruapehu website it looks like they want you to purchase their sled pass (use of grooming run & sled), this is how the resort monetizes your visit and can offer a safe, enjoyable place to sled.

Have you looked into Turoa? They offer a sledding area too.
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