Niseko lift tickets


Hard Yards
Jun 18, 2012
Just looking at Niseko lift tickets...Does anyone know if you can buy the 2 week Hirafu pass which is 35,000 Yen then load up on some points tickets on the same pass...When we were there years ago we spent most of the time at Hirafu/Hanazano & only a bit of time at Niseko & Annupuri. I was thinking just ski at Hirafu & then use the points tickets for the occasional gondala ride at Niseko & Annupuri. Works out cheaper than buying 14 day all mountain pass for 67,900 Yen. Does that makes sense? Anyone know if you can do that?


Old but definitely not Crusty!
Ski Pass
May 6, 2010
I don't think you can load the points to your same pass.

However what we have done in the past is buy the Grand Hirafu pass and then an All Mountain Points pass for whatever you think you might use.

I stored the points pass in my ankle pocket and then if I found myself over at one of the other locations I would just whip that out until I was back within Hirafu. Worked well and was considerably cheaper than the All Mountain Pass.
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