Media Release Niseko's coldest morning

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    Niseko-based Alister Buckingham said:"The Snow to Date depth has now exceeded 11 metres and it’s super cold so the snow will stay light and fluffy."

    In today's Snow Report, compiled by's Rod White, it states -18C at higher altitudes and -17C at the village level.

    “Jack Frost is in town, said White. "This is the coldest morning of the winter so far with the chill factor reaching extreme levels of around -40C." His advice is for skiers and boarders to use face masks, mitts, and extra thermal layers. Plus keep an eye on youngsters particularly their nose, cheeks, and fingertips

    “The fresh 8-10cms has fallen after a rare Wednesday when our region found itself in the calm of the second eye of a massive system resulting in blue sky and low winds. That combination resulted in an amazing day at Rusutsu and Niseko with quality powder under a blue canvas - a rarity in this part of the world.

    “With Top Gates in Grand Hirafu closed yesterday due to deep cornice building the night before, the winds at the higher elevation may well hinder access today.The upper mountain is loaded and will continue to be dumped on for about a week, so high caution is advised.

    “JMA synoptic charts show a massive system over Hokkaido - Plenty of fresh for today again and for about a week now so...Have a Great day of Turns – Keep a Cool Head - Ski Wise and Stay Focused...

    “Equip yourself adequately with the tools and safety gear if heading out the gates or touring plans. Strong caution advised whenever stepping outside legal gate access or skinning / touring backcountry.”
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