Nissan Ads and Frequency Capping - Announcement


Maintenance Dept
Mar 14, 1995
Clarence Town

Each Nissan expanding ad is capped at 20 views per visitor per month.

There are five separate campaigns (Homepage, Cams, Run of Site, Reports & Weather, Forums) each capped at 20. This is a max potential of 100 Nissan ads per month. All going well the campaigns finish Aug 31 this year (Instead of

It's still a lot, but for frequent visitors to the Forums and Cams it does mean they stop pretty quickly (each month).

IF you are someone who uses a cookie cruncher or deletes cookies upon browser close - then you will never stop seeing them.

Without an essay on the bussiness mechanics and sales politics of landing a major sponsor - let me just say that this is the best we can do to reduce the volume of these ads that regulars are exposed to. I need to move a good few million of these ads.

There will be no further expanding ads on this site at the end of this snow season. They are simply too problematic.
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